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An ideal school is where students identify and develop their innate talents and skills and proceeds towards mastership. Our responsibility is to provide a conducive environment where students can put in their bursting efforts to achieve their maximum potential. 
From the humble beginning that we made in 1990, having crossed many memorable mile stones, today Dr N K Mohammed Memorial School is a dream destination for students.Our successes over the years was the result of hard work and commitment of our illustrious management, past and present, whose wisdom and missionary zeal inspired all the stakeholders of this school. We remember with gratitude every one of those who walked along with us and contributed his or her best to build this edifice of excellence. While expressing my gratitude to all, I do believe that we should undergo some changes, invest our time and energy to cope up with the speed of 21st century knowledge dynamics.  We in MES Central School set standards and goals for ourselves and strive hard to achieve the next generation learning outcomes which enable our children to be the rainmakers of tomorrow. 
Our task of achieving par excellence is tough, but the end of the struggle will be satisfying because our choices are based on principles that are ethically and morally right.