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Students Excels at District Level STSE

Sahodaya Talent Search Examination (STSE) is a golden opportunity for our students to participate and test their ability at the district level.  It aims to bring out qualitative improvement in school education and also to identify students with high intellect and academic talent.

238 students from our school attended the preliminary round which was held at our school itself. Out of it, 22 class toppers were selected for the final examination.The selected finalists of different schools in the Malappuram district participated in the final round of STSE.We are really proud at the excellent performance of the students. In Class 5th, 2nd and 3rd ranks were achieved by Alen FrancisandAdhul Abid respectively. In Std. 7th , 1st rank was secured by Zanam Shah and 2nd rank was won by Mohammed Rasal. In Std. 8th, 1st rank was won by Nakshatra Nair. All the rank holders were honoured at the Malappuram Municipal Town-hall by respected M L A, Shri. P Ubaidulla.They were presented with medals, gold coins and cash prizes by Malappuram Central Sahodaya on 18th Feb. 17.We also appreciated the achievers in the school assembly.