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School Reopens in joyous atmosphere

School Reopens in Joyous Atmosphere

The playful and joyous time of vacation has temporarily come to an end and now the bell has gone to pack up the new books and to put on new uniform. Now it’s time for learning and reading new.

The school accorded a rousing reception to the students. The juniors as well as the seniors returned to school on June Ist, Thursday, to begin another academic year. The school was decorated well in advance with colour papers and balloons to welcome the children.

The new session began with a special assembly with a welcome song. Mr. Biju Joseph, Principal, in his address exhorted the students to strive hard for a more fruitful scholastic year. Many of the students were seen exchanging pleasantries with classmates on seeing each other after the vacation. Mr. K Abdul Latheef, Chairman of School Academic Council was also present at the function and shared his experiences and views with the students. A half day class on the first day was even more thrilling for them.