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School Inspection 2017-2018

The annual inspection of the school by M E S School Education Board, Kerala, was held on 24th August 2017. A team of twenty two members led by the Joint Director, Mr. Rahman B and including various subject experts arrived at the school and attended the morning assembly. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rahman B motivated the teachers and the students to behave naturally as they are. Dr. George Joseph, a subject expert also delivered a speech and he stressed that this is the golden period of every student’s life and they have to utilize it in its full meaning without deviating from the main aim. He inspired the students to achieve the greatness within them as they have an entire world to conquer. They observed all the activities along with the class room teaching of all the teachers during the day.

After the inspection, there was a meeting with the teachers and the subject experts explained the general merits and demerits of each teacher. The team was highly satisfied with the performance of the school and appreciated the same. At the same time, the members pointed out areas where improvement could be made. Before leaving, they promised us that they would dispatch the detailed report to the school at the earliest.