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Class on moral values

Ramzan is observed as the spiritual and moral calling to re-examine our life’s mission. To enlighten the minds of the students, a moral class was conducted on 14th June 2017. Dr. Jabir Amani, an eminent counselor and teacher, was the speaker of the day. In his speech, he exhorted the students to be more thoughtful human beings through reflection and introspection, and to increase the love for the Creator. At the end of his speech, he advised them to be polite, respectful and considerable towards everyone around us.

Mr. V. P Kunhi Mohammed, Secretary, S M C welcomed the guest and Mr. Jadeer, our art teacher, proposed the vote of thanks. The function was enriched by the gracious presence of Prof. K .P Hassan, Jb. K T Mohammed and Jb. T Abdul Kader.