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Awareness Class on Anti-Narcotics and Traffic Rules

Our school organized an Anti-Narcotics and traffic awareness class on 29th August 2017. In the first session class was given by Mr. Ganesh, Faculty from Excise Department, Malappuram. He introduced the session by reciting a poem to evoke childhood memories and then delivered a speech in which he conveyed his great respect towards teachers.

Mr. Philip Mambad, Senior Civil Police Officer, led an interactive session, in which he warned the students against the drastic and fatal consequences of drugs. A slide show was presented during the programme which highlighted the consequences of drug addiction. The class was also an eye opener to the students towards the traffic rules and the needs to obey the same. He concluded the session by reminding the students about the need of love towards their family and parents and by advising them to check such unhealthy practices in the society.