It is really significant to note that the challenges of future generations are increasing in this competitive world. Along with the academic excellence, the students need to enrich their talents by involving themselves in different creative activities and programmes in the schools. In order to enhance the multiple talents of the students, our school has been conducting different club activities during the academic session. The following are the various clubs functioning here-Health, Sports, Literary, Eco, Maths, Quiz, ICT, Art, Music, Dance and Yoga. These clubs are headed by teachers of our school. A variety of programmes is organised in the hour-long club periods on every Wednesday.

Maths can be fun. To motivate children to learn Mathematics with interest and involvement, our Maths Club does its best. Students have learnt how to enjoy the subject. Many interesting activities like puzzles and games are performed during the club period ..Read more

Games and sports develop team spirit and also mould the children to be physically and mentally fit. Training in a number of games like shuttle, kho-kho, football etc is given to the sports club members during this hour.   ..Read more

Aiming to promote healthy habits and life skills among pupils, we have a health club in our campus. Many healths related activities are conducted. Awareness classes on diseases like AIDS, monsoon diseases etc. are organised during ..Read more

Knowledge about the world events helps to meet the challenges effectively. The quiz club has been able to produce students who could win glories for the school at various inter-school competitions........................................................ ..Read more

Technology is an increasingly significant part of society. So it is natural that children should know about the systems they rely on a daily basis. The I C T club provides them an opportunity to explore the progress in technology. ..Read more

Yoga practice helps in balancing the relationship between body and mind and brings in a lot of health benefits. Our school yoga club has demonstrated necessary ‘aasanas’ which have to be followed in the daily life....................... ..Read more

Dance not only has benefit of exercising but also helps in coordination, flexibility and strong memory power. The basis of Bharatnatyam and other classical dances are taught to the club students.................................... ..Read more

Art and craft club has encouraged creativity which, in turn, has brought colour and beauty to our campus. The members explore all the fields of drawing, painting and craft-work and this supports them to excel in it................. ..Read more

 Eco Club plays an important role in creating an environmental awareness among the children for a better world. It also involves the children in action based programmes related to various problems prevailing in their surroundings.  ..Read more

 Sense of music fosters the academic, social and emotional growth of the young minds. Here our music club exposes the students to various instruments and forms of music. A music album named “Perunnalpolivu” was released. Students ..Read more

 The wide spectrum of literary club includes quiz based on literature, creative writing etc. with a view to enhance the literary talents of the members. This has rendered a platform for the students to write their own poems, stori ..Read more